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Premier Pipeline supplies concrete pump operators and the geotechnical industry with all of their running gear,
with specific emphasis on the supply of concrete and grout pumping hose.

As the sole supplier of IVG Premier Shannon 100 Heavy Duty hose and sole distributor for Prime-a-Pump,
we offer the absolute best products on the world market.

We have been at the forefront of innovation in the industry and have worked in partnership with our customers and suppliers
over many years to develop products and services that have improved many aspects of how we all work.

This can be seen by the use of the protective coverings piling customers use on their hoses, the design and production
of the Premier Safety Hose, the concept of hose ID Tagging and in the design of the Agitator Diverter Valve.

The UK Ground Engineering and Concrete Pumping markets are much the better for the innovations our collaborations have resulted in.
From health and safety initiatives to time saving systems, our industry has benefited significantly.             

  ABR Premier Shannon 100 Heavy Duty Hose

ABR Premier Shannon 100 Heavy Duty Hose

Hoses and equipment

IVG Premier Construction Hose
CONCRETE PUMPING: ABR Premier Shannon 100 Heavy Duty hose

This hose has been developed with the rigours of modern day concrete pumping in mind and is used for the placement of concrete whether it be on a Piling Rig or a Concrete Pump. Its flexible construction allows easy handling and small bending radius and it is extremely crush and full suction resistant. Its design is constantly being tested and improved.


This hose is used specifically as boom end hose on Truck/ Mobile Pumps. It is reinforced with special materials and is designed to be anti whip. Premier Pipeline designed this hose to alleviate the extreme danger caused by pump blockages and the whip effect this can cause. The first batch of hoses were examined after 12 months of pumping and showed no excess wear or loss of anti-whip properties.  These hoses are still in use today and have been proven to pump in excess of 20,000 metres of concrete!

Premier Safety Hose is only available through Premier Pipeline Ltd.

  ABR Premier Safety Hose

ABR Premier Safety Hose

  Premier Shannon with Safety Sleeve

Premier Shannon with Safety Sleeve


Our Premier Shannon 100 concrete pumping hose can be supplied with protective coverings which help to protect the hose during pumping operations. Coverings were originally fitted on hoses used on Piling Rigs being operated next to railways but many contractors now utilise them.

The coverings come in two types;

Layflat/Oslo and Spiralguard


This hose is a long lasting heavy duty hose exceptionally tough and abrasion resistant, for use in low pressure pumping such as in screed, sand and steel blasting applications. It is manufactured with anti-static rubber granting a complete discharge of static electricity.             

  ABR Orinoco Hose

ABR Orinoco Hose

  ABR Niagara Hose

ABR Niagara Hose


This hose is a very widely used to pump grout but was also engineered for the spraying of plaster, gypsum and concrete, with a heavy construction which resists kinking.             

Hose Re-ending & Pressure Testing

We offer a hose re-ending and pressure testing service from our yard. We also offer a mobile pressure testing service via our new mobile unit. We can re-end damaged hoses and then retest them or we can pressure test them as part of a hose management programme. The choice is yours!

We must point out that although we will certificate a hose to a recorded bar pressure we will not and can not guarantee that result once the hose has left our premises. Therefore we can not be held responsible for any subsequent failure once a hose has been tested by us. 

Mobile Hose testing van-2cmyk.jpg

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HOSE-TRACK - Hose Management

Premier Pipeline offers a hose ID tagging service called Hose-Track, ensuring full tracking is available for both the user and their client. We keep details of the hose when sold, when re-ended or tested (see above) and the information is available via our online portal.

Accessories and Equipment

We carry large stocks of the following accessories:

Accessories in a stack.jpg
  • Premier IVG Hose
  • Prime-a-Pump
  • Hose-Track
  • Hose Testing
  • Couplings
  • Gaskets
  • Steel Bends
  • Manganese Bends
  • Reducers
  • Grout Pots c/w Lid
  • Shut Off Valves
  • Weld On Collars
  • Safety Pins
  • Wash Out Balls
  • Wash Out Guns
  • Catch Baskets
  • Whipchecks
  • Steel Pipes

Accessories are available in all sizes. We can cater for all your needs.             

Prime-a-Pump master logo-rgb.png

CLICK HERE to download the Material Safety Data Sheet

CLICK HERE to download the instructions for Prime-a-Pump

Prime-a-Pump, the most advanced pump primer
in the industry

For many concrete pump operators, the worst and most unpleasant part of the job is priming
or grouting the pump, involving the mixing of cement powder with water into a paste.

This out-dated process carries significant risks to the health and safety of the pump operators. Risks such as dermatitis and skin burns incurred from contact with the cement, respiratory problems from the inhalation of cement dust and back problems from repetitive heavy lifting.

Using Prime-a-Pump can considerably reduce the chances of skin irritation, dust inhalation and injuries through heavy lifting, making it safer than other existing methods of priming.

Prime-a-Pump is a much superior alternative to other primers on the market. Prime-a-Pump is a dry powder specifically formulated to provide a transparent, odourless, clean and economic alternative to cement/water pump priming and without any of the old problems. It is suitable for use in all types of concrete pumps and pipeline systems.

A small bottle (225 grams) of Prime-a-Pump is simply emptied and stirred into 15 litres of water, and left for 15 minutes to thicken, prior to the start of pumping operations. During this time the mixture thickens and takes on a slippery texture, which adheres to all of the pump and pipeline internal surfaces.

A large bottle (450 grams) is emptied and stirred into 30 litres of water and is equivalent to 50kgs of cement or 2x 25kgs bags.

Prime A Pump is specially formulated for use with long lines and CFA Piling.             

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